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Complete cargos
We offer international transport and shipment of your complete cargo by road with a fixed term of delivery, conformed to your requirements and needs committing ourselves to inform you every day about the movement and the location of our trucks. They are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and GPS, by means of which their tracing down online becomes possible.

We work with a wide range per kind of motor vehicles and trailers which would be the most convenient for the safe and fast transportation of your cargo.

We offer transport with:

  • Fast cargo buses 16 m3 to 1.5 tons, 5 pallet places– appropriate for transportation of express deliveries of up to 48 hours from and to any point of Europe
  • Trucks with volume of 36 m3 to 3.5 tons, 15 pallet places
  • Trucks with volume 60 m3 to 10 tons, 20 pallet places
  • Trucks with standard trailers with volume 90 m3 to 23.5 tons 33 pallet places
  • High capacity trucks up to 120 m3, 40 pallet places
Groupage transport
We are specialized in the transportation of group and small volume consignments from and to Bulgaria and all the European countries.
With our excellent partner’s network of local and foreign carriers and shipments it is not difficult for us to provide you with possibility to load your partial load in any of our numerous group trucks.
We have built up group lines and load daily cargos from and to all the countries of the Continent.
We commit ourselves personally with prompt terms of delivery and absolute safety of your group cargo during the transportation.
Specialized transport

We offer transportation of:

  • Transportation of refrigerating cargos with tricks equipped with thermographs
  • Transport of textile and garments in hangers by trucks type of clothes trucks equipped with up to 100 standers
  • Transportation of hazardous cargos /ADR/ by trucks, equipped with the needed ADR equipment and qualified drivers in conformity with all the state-of-the-art requirements
  • Transportation of personal baggage in movement
  • Transportation of cargos out of clearance
Internal transportation
Except international transport, Neologistics offers you internal transportation from and to all the populated places in Bulgaria. We transport your complete and group cargos at fixed prices with transit time of up to 12 hours.
Storage and preservation
The location of our logistic base and storehouse is exceptionally convenient and provides for both easy access from all the entrance thoroughfares of the city and fast access to the center and the districts by means of the proximity of the main boulevards.
We have storage area of 960 m2. /1000 pallet positions/ with an option for leasing of pallet places per day with included loading and unloading activities.
Customs representation
With our highly qualified and experienced customs agents we offer to our clients working with the countries beyond the European Union, customs representation and execution of the needed documentation of all the customs offices in the country as well as border points.
Insurance of cargos
It is of exceptional significance for us that the cargo entrusted to us reaches you quickly, within term, safely and unharmed. We offer you and we make for our clients Cargo and CMRinsurances under the best conditions in leading and of good reputation insurance companies.

Other services

Transportation of textile and hanged garments

Refrigerating transportation

Transportation of hazardous and easily combustible cargos under ADR

Transportation of personal baggage in events of movement

Transportation of out of clearance gauge cargos

Warehouse under customs control

Loading and unloading activity

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